Season is Coming – A Checklist for Opening Day

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The most anticipated time of the year is upon us…Opening Day. As you and your hunting buddies plan the first big trip, it’s important to make sure you’re fully ready for what lies ahead. There’s nothing worse than getting out in the field and realizing you’re missing equipment, something got damaged in storage, or worse, your best hunting buddy isn’t ready. Here’s a quick check list to go through to make sure you’ve got smooth sailing on Opening Day:

1. Health Check: We always like to schedule our dogs’ well visits a few weeks before season opens just to be sure our best hunting partners are ready for a strong and healthy season. It’s always good to get your vet’s sign off on your dog’s well-being before something goes wrong in the field. Also, if your dog is on any medication this is a great time to get refills to be sure you’re stock piled for any  upcoming trips.

2. Equipment check: If you’ve not used your equipment in a while, go ahead and pull it out now. Give the gun a good cleaning, check the batteries on all your e-collars, check for holes in any field clothing. You do not want to be in the field and realize you forgot to charge your collar. If your e-collars are a few years old, may be a good idea to go ahead and order back up batteries to make sure they’ll get through the season.

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