2021 Resolutions

2021 Pre-Filed Resolutions

*Pre-filed resolutions have NOT been approved by CFM’s General Assembly and are only intended to be used as reference during CFM’s Annual Convention.  This page will be updated after CFM’s Annual Convention which occurs March 1-6, 2021.

Resolution Resource Advisory Committee
#2021-1 Request for MDC Not to Allow Air Guns During Archery Season Archery and Shooting Sports
#2021-2 Support of Science-Based Management of Black Bears Big Game, Turkey, and Furbearers
#2021-3 Amphibian Chytrid Awareness Environment and Ecology
#2021-4 CFM Support for Hardwood Trees in the Farm Bill

#2021-5 Support for the White Oak Initiative

Forest Resources and Management
#2021-6 Oppose St. Charles City’s Proposed Riverpointe Development near Bangert Island Park

#2021-7 Improved Access to Cost-Share and Incentive Program Information Needed for Owners of Marginal Farm and Agricultural Lands

Public/Private Lands
#2021-8 Enable Missouri Citizens Receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) to Apply for Reduced-Fee Fishing Permit

#2021-9 Encourage Levee Setbacks on the Missouri River to Provide Floodplain Connectivity and a Sustainable Strategy to Mitigate Flooding and Benefit Fish, Wildlife and Landowners

Rivers, Streams, and Fisheries
#2021-10 Require Non-Toxic Shot for Small Game on All Missouri Department of Conservation Areas Upland Wildlife
#2021-12 Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) support of Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) intensively managed wetland areas and a Missouri Wetland and Waterfowl Symposium  Wetlands and Waterfowl

Resolution Responses