2021 Resolutions

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Resolution Resource Advisory Committee
#2021-1 Request for MDC Not to Allow Air Guns During Archery Season Archery and Shooting Sports
#2021-2 Support of Science-Based Management of Black Bears Big Game, Turkey, and Furbearers
#2021-3 Amphibian Chytrid Awareness Environment and Ecology
#2021-4 CFM Support for Hardwood Trees in the Farm Bill

#2021-5 Support for the White Oak Initiative

Forest Resources and Management
#2021-6 Oppose St. Charles City’s Proposed Riverpointe Development near Bangert Memorial Wildlife Area

#2021-7 Improved Access to Cost-Share and Incentive Program Information Needed for Owners of Marginal Farm and Agricultural Lands

Public/Private Lands
#2021-8 Enable Missouri Citizens Receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) to Apply for Reduced-Fee Fishing Permit

#2021-9 Encourage Levee Setbacks on the Missouri River to Provide Floodplain Connectivity and a Sustainable Strategy to Mitigate Flooding and Benefit Fish, Wildlife and Landowners

Rivers, Streams, and Fisheries
#2021-10 Require Non-Toxic Shot for Small Game on All Missouri Department of Conservation Areas Upland Wildlife
#2021-11 Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) support of Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) intensively managed wetland areas and a Missouri Wetland and Waterfowl Symposium  Wetlands and Waterfowl

Resolution Responses

Missouri Department of Conservation

St. Charles County