Outdoor Action Committee (OAKs)

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The OAK Plan

The strategic plan of the Outdoor Action Committee, dedicated to improving our Missouri outdoors.


Missouri is the leading state in outdoor participation, outdoor education, outdoor access, and natural resource protection


1. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

2. The privilege to engage in legal and ethical outdoor activities

3. Outdoor experiences are essential to mental, physical, and spiritual health

4. Engaged stewardship is vital to Missouri’s outdoors.

5. Outdoor goals will be achieved by citizen action investment, and partnerships.

6. Youth are our passion and essential to Missouri’s outdoor future.

7. Missouri outdoors requires fish, forests, wildlife, soil, water, air, nature, natural communities and outdoors recreation being healthy, productive and sustainable


To be the catalyst for coordinated efforts among agencies, organizations, and citizens to fulfill the vision for Missouri’s outdoors


Educational Goal: To ensure that Missouri implements a coordinated and comprehensive outdoor education effort that incorporates the values and benefits of an outdoor lifestyle and ethic for Missourians of every age

Conservation Goal: To ensure the conservation of sustainable Missouri landscapes and for enhanced outdoor participation and access

Funding Goal: To ensure sufficient public and private funding for outdoor participation, outdoor access, and natural resource protection