Legislative Action Center


The Legislative Action Center exists to organize conservationists from all over Missouri, so we as a community of hunters, anglers and general outdoor enthusiasts may quickly, concisely and effectively act in support or opposition of legislative issues affecting the governance of natural resources in our state.



Be Informed

Once you have signed up for the alerts, you will receive CFM alerts aimed at informing you of legislative actions concerning conservation. You will be provided with scientific data and facts, so you may participate as an informed citizen in the conversation about how to best manage the natural resources of our state.

Lend Your Voice

You may not realize how powerful your voice is in the Capital. Never forget there is no more important title than that of “citizen” in this great state. These alerts make it simple for you to share your thoughts and opinions on all conservation based issued with your elected officials.

United for Missouri

Our 2 million Missourians identify themselves as wildlife watchers in our state. There are over a million anglers, and more than 600,000 hunters in Missouri. Can you imagine the collective power of a constituent base this large. We can, and with these Legislative Action Alerts we are giving Missouri’s entire conservation community a collective voice.