End of Year Donation 2020

For over 85 years, the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) has led the fight to restore and conserve Missouri’s wildlife and natural resources. We have learned that when we band together, there is nothing that cannot be accomplished, even in this abnormal year. Without a doubt, there will be additional challenges in 2021. CFM needs your support as we grow collectively in the future.

Please help us protect Missouri’s outdoors with your end of the year donation.

Your donation will help us with our mission, to ensure conservation of Missouri’s wildlife and natural resources, and preservation of our state’s rich outdoor heritage through advocacy, education and partnerships.

In 2021, CFM will promote awareness through membership, events, education, and through various media outlets, including social media, press releases and our magazine. We will work diligently with the Missouri Legislature to help educate elected officials in their decision to support conservation, natural resources and our parks. We will continue to communicate with you and our elected officials, to preserve and conserve all the resources we care so deeply about.

When considering how much to give, please remember that we, together as the Conservation Federation of Missouri, guard against the many special interest groups wanting to destroy Missouri’s cherished and beloved natural resources.

CFM is proud to serve as “The Voice for Missouri Outdoors.” Thank you for your donation and for being a friend of conservation. We are all in this together.

Yours in conservation,

CFM Staff


The CARES Act Increases Donation Tax Deductibility for 2020

Standard Deduction: Those taking the Standard Deduction can deduct charitable donations up to $300 total from their adjusted gross income for 2020.

Itemized Deduction: Those that itemize deductions for 2020, can deduct charitable contributions up to 100% of adjusted gross income. 

Contact your accountant for additional information.

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