CFM Seeks to Inspire Future Conservationists Through #GivingTuesday

David Calandro 1#GivingTuesday is only two weeks away. This December 1, CFM is raising money to support conservation education. CFM is focusing on a new organization, the Missouri Conservation Collegiate Alliance (MCCA).

As we all know, conservation is in the hands of the youth. The next generation will take our accomplishes and move forward with them. It is important we educate these future conservationists now. We must pass down our love for the land and instill an appreciation for Missouri’s outdoors.

MCCA is an organization for college students interested in impacting conservation. They strive to bring awareness of conservation issues in Missouri to colleges and universities throughout the state. MCCA unites students to and encourages active student participation in the discussion of conservation policy.

“College students are the current and future leaders not only in Missouri, but around the world,” said David Calandro, founder and president of MCCA. “If students are not informed, we won’t vote. If students don’t vote and communicate with governmental leaders, our voice is silent. We cannot be silent on changes that will not only impact us, but our children as well. We are the future. The future of conservation depends on our actions.”

To learn more about David and the MCCA, read our blog post here.

Donations made for #GivingTuesday will go to various aspects of developing, advertising and promoting MCCA and other conservation education endeavors.

As #GivingTuesday nears, check our webpage here for more information. We also suggest following our social media accounts for updates and details about the fundraiser.

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