CFM Member Turkey Hunt Brings Rain, Cold and New Friendships

Last December CFM offered a Nebraska turkey hunt as part of our Holiday On-Line Auction. Life member Rodger Benson put in the winning bid and plans were made to head to a cabin on the Platte River, near the little town of Paxton, as soon as Missouri’s turkey season was over on May 5th. We had originally planned to camp out in tents, but the forecast called for rain and cold weather, so the decision to use a cabin proved to be a good one.

Rodger was accompanied by Andy Carmack, a land specialist with the Missouri Department of Conservation and fellow CFM member along on the hunt. We met with Rick Windham, who would be our host for the week. Rick has a local radio show, as well as a newspaper column. He is also an award-winning Dutch Oven and camp cook, so we knew the food and hospitality would be good regardless of the hunting conditions.

Like most places in the Mid-West this spring, the weather forecast was right on with cold, wet conditions for most of our hunt. The best hunting was on the island across from our camp and with water being just over our knee boots, waders became a necessity for reaching the turkeys. This was a new twist for most of us, but added to the adventure.

Andy worked hard to get his bird, carrying a blind, chair and decoys across the river to a place he had scouted and seen birds the day before. He managed to tag a large Jake with a 6-inch beard for his efforts.

Like any hunt, the harvesting of game is only a part of the experience. Although we only took one bird, we spent plenty of time discussing wildlife and habitat concerns as well as telling stories of past hunts. Some of my best friendships have been formed in hunting camps and this one was no exception. Plans were made to get together again for future hunts and to enjoy the company of new found friends. Hopefully next time, the weather will cooperate.