Strategic Plan

Message from the Board

As the Conservation Federation of Missouri moves through its 80th year of existence, we can look back with a great sense of pride. We have accomplished much as an organization on our own and in partnership with others. Our foundation is solid and our purpose over the years has been clear. However, the challenges we face today and in the future are many and great.

As it was 80 years ago, the battle for conservation and scientific management of our natural resources wages on as political forces continue to seek ways to control the work of conservation and natural resource professionals. The demands and shifting character of society today requires all of us to think differently about the management and use of the land, water, and related forests, fish, and wildlife resources. And with so many voices trying to be heard, it is increasingly difficult to squeeze through the crowd to find a place at the table.

This strategic plan is an effort to fine-tune and focus the Federation in order to better prepare for the immediate challenges and what lies ahead in the future. It does not address everything the organization needs to do, but it does highlight our most fundamental priorities, with the overriding idea that we exist primarily to further the cause of conservation and to provide the citizens a voice in the ongoing debate.


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