2020 Resolutions

2020 Resolutions

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Resolution Resource Advisory Committee
#2020-1 Remove Antler Point Restrictions for Youth Archery Permittees Archery and Shooting Sports
#2020-2 Support for Adding Shelf Stable Snack Sticks to Share the Harvest Big Game, Turkey, and Furbearers
#2020-3 Support for a Missouri Plan to Achieve Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions Environment and Ecology
#2020-4 Use of Precision Agriculture on Missouri Department of Conservation Land Public/Private Lands
#2020-5 Halt the Planting of Non-native Invasive Species on State-Owned Property Public/Private Lands
#2020-6 Support the Rock Island Trail Public/Private Lands
Did NOT pass out of CFM General Assembly:  Support Healthy Soils in Missouri Environment and Ecology
Did NOT pass out of CFM General Assembly:  Support for Public Education about Pseudogymnoascus destructans in Missouri Bat Populations Environment and Ecology

Resolution Responses

Missouri Department of Conservation

Missouri Department of Transportation