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Resolution Author
1 – Support Initiative Petition to Protect Missouri Deer from Chronic Wasting Disease Steve Jones
2 – CFM Postion on CO2 Emissions

Jack Meinzenbach

3 – Discourage the Use of Plastic Bags

CLC: James Brown, Gabrella Elliott, Ashley Hollis

4 – Preserve Presidential Authority Under the Antiquities Act Zach Morris, Ashley Hollis, Richard Orr
5 – Deny Saint Louis County Request to Repurpose 40 Acres of Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park

Richard Orr

6 – Oppose Transfer of Ownership of Federal Lands to the State

CLC: Ashley Hollis

7 – Invasive Plant Eradication and Education Policy

Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Kevin Roberson President of the Executive Board

8 – Preservation of the EPA

Zach Morris, Brooke Widmar

9 – Keep the “Waters of the U.S. Rule”

(Tabled at General Assembly)
New version approved at August Board meeting

Ad-Hoc Committee
10 – Congress to Raise the CRP Acreage Cap  Tom Lampe

CLC: Benjamin Pederson, Josh Groves

12 – Protection of Prairie Pothole Region Wetlands

George Seek/Dave Graber

Resolution Responses

 Missouri Department of Conservation

US Deptartment of Agriculture

Environmental Protection Agency