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Resolution                                                                                        Author

1 – National Conservation Funding

Dan Zekor et al.

2 – Create the MoCCART

CLC: Gabrella Elliot, Brendan Woodall, Brooke Widmar, Ethan Green

3 – MDC Bird App

CLC: Emily Samuel, Samantha Halley

4 – Urban Forest Inventory and Analysis

CLC: James Brown, Marissa York, Katharine Lord, David Calandro, Dustin Collier, Trevor O’Brien

5 – Society of American Foresters Accreditation of the Forestry Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia

CLC: James Brown, Marissa York, Katharine Lord, David Calandro, Dustin Collier, Trevor O”Brien

6 – MDC NOT Allow Air Guns During Archery Season

Dick Wood

7 – CRP mid-contract grazing

Tom Lampe

8 – Effects of Predation on Quail Populations (defeated in General Assembly)

9 – Quail Priority Funding (defeated in General Assembly)

10 – Request for Additional SAFE Acres

Tom Lampe

11 – Support MDC’s Proposed Regulation to Not Allow the Take of Feral Swine on Property Owned, Leased or Managed by MDC

Dan McMurty

12 – CFM Supports all Regulations Prohibiting the Feeding of Bears in Missouri (defeated in General Assembly)

13 – Banning Felt or Porous Soled Shoes and or Boots in all Waters of Missouri

CLC: Ethan Green, Brooke Widmar, Gabrella Elliot

14 – Stop the New Madrid Floodway Project (tabled in Resolutions Committee)

15 – Population (defeated in General Assembly)

16 – State-wide Ban of Microbeads

CLC: Caitlin Shoults, Ashley Hollis

17 – Defend Missouri State Parks

Susan Flader, Missouri Parks Association

18 – MO State Parks Leash Regulations Re-emphasis

Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park Executive Board

19 – Restoration of Maintenance Funding

CLC: Benjamin Pederson, Elizabeth Peoples, Paul O’Donnell

20 – Amend Recreational Use Act to Protect All Landowners

Bill Bryan, Bill Lockwood

21 – Acknowledging the Value of Native Grassland Landscapes Benefitting Wildlife, People and the Land

OAK Natural Resources Committee

22 – Expansion of Share the Harvest (tabled in Resolutions Committee)

23 – Extending Turkey Hunting Hours

Jeff Craig


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