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Resolution Author
1 – Incentive Program for Private Wetland Owners CLC: Neil Baalman, Dallas Ernst, Alexis Lankford, Alan Sachs
2 – Research of Rapid White Oak Mortality CLC: Alex Stoner, Phillip Boyer, Benjamin Diekmann
3 – Asian Carp CLC: Valerie Jones, Cameron Lockard, Brooke Widmar, Blake Simmons, Zachary Haverly
4 – Urban Missouri Streams CLC: Valerie Jones, Cameron Lockard, Brooke Widmar, Blake Simmons, Zachary Haverly
5 – Fall Arrest System CLC: Kevin Mesey, Elizabeth Peoples, Brian Hunter Jr., James Brown, Jessica Marcuson
6 – MDC to Reconsider the Legal Limit During Archery Season Mike Schallon
7 – Designate Set Fields for Youth Dove Hunting CLC: Brock Andreasen, Zachary Aldrich
8 – Black Bear & Bobcat Study Dan McMurtry, Chairman, Furbearer and Black Bear Committee
9 – Missouri Discover Schools Program CLC: Taylor Rohan, Emily Samuel, Gabrella Elliott, Brody Huff
10 – Incentive Program for Season Grass Tom Lampe
11 – CRP Rental Tom Lampe
12 – MDC Incentive Money Tom Lampe
13 – Nest Predator Study Tom Lampe
14 – Non-toxic Shot CLC: Zayne Aldrich, Aaron Eckelkamp, Greg Lambeth, Benjamin Pederson, William Schriener
15 – Grazing Native Grass Jef Hodges
16 – Preservation of CCC and WPA CLC: Danielle Tevlin, Dustin Hillis, Paul O’Donnell, Cody Cantwell
17 – Recreational Usage of Waterways CLC: Paul O’Donnell, Danielle Tevlin, Dustin Hillis, Cody Cantwell
18 – Extend MDC Trail Access for General Public Susan Flader
19 – Milkweed and Monarch CLC:Ashley Hollis, Mikenzie Hart, Theresa Hyland, Drew Swofford, Caitlin Shoults
20 – Prairie Strips in Row Crops Wallis W Warren, Jerry Castillon
21 – Zebra Mussels CLC: Phillip Stearns, Lacey Wabshaw, Ethan Green, Levi Bachmann, Mary Mabery, Edward Sterling
22 – Deer Season Regulations CLC: Brendan Woodall, Audrey Gaines, Kylie Sellers, Kent Keene, Aaron Fischer


2015 Resolution Responses