Our resolutions are voted upon every year at our Annual Convention in March.


CFM Resolution Process

CFM has adapted new procedures and a new timeline for resolutions. All resolutions must be pre-filed before convention. Please see the letter below from Resolution Committee member DeeCee Darrow.



Dear CFM Member/Affiliate,

We have NEW PROCEDURES and a NEW TIMELINE regarding CFM resolutions for the annual convention. We wanted to notify you of these important changes in the process for bringing issues/topics and resolutions to the annual convention. AND we want your ideas NOW for any issues or topics which you believe should be addressed at the next convention! Yes, that is several months away, but Resource Advisory Committees (formerly known as Resource Committees) will begin researching/discussing topics with their committees a few months in advance of each convention from now on.

Of course, members may bring important issues/topics to the attention of the Executive Director, Director of Operations, or any Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) Chair at any time during the year, but the next couple of months are a most important time for you to act if you want thorough consideration and/or a resolution on an issue at the next convention. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE as a general member or affiliate member to ensure important issues/topics are afforded the time they need to be fully researched and developed in advance of the convention. You can find the name of RAC Chairs and Executive Director contact information on the CFM website.

These changes came about from working groups associated with the recent CFM Strategic Plan, as a way to follow a more structured, thorough and informed approach when considering important issues/topics. More background information about the new timeline and process can be found on the CFM website. The Conservation Leadership Corps (CLC) will be following a slightly different schedule and process.

This is a new way of working on resolutions in advance, that will lead to most convention resolutions being “pre-filed” in the months leading up to the annual meeting. Don’t worry that you will miss out on all the discussion though!   All of these pre-filed resolutions will be in DRAFT form, until finally discussed and voted on in the usual manner at the convention. However, there will have been considerable work, background research and time devoted to each pre-filed resolution – especially by the Resource Advisory Committee members of each committee involved in development.

In general, the changes to the process and timeline are as follows:

  • October – Resource Advisory Committees (RACs) begin advance work on the most important/timely issues/topics (calling only on their committee members, unless those of you who are not committee members share issues/topics directly).
  • December 31 – Deadline for issues/topics submitted to RAC Chairs to be considered for any pre-filed resolutions for the annual convention.
  • January – Individual RACs hold workshops with their official committee members to develop DRAFT resolutions and the convention agenda for their committees.
  • February 1 – Deadline for RAC pre-filed DRAFT resolutions to be submitted to the Resolutions Committee.
  • February 15 – Resolutions Committee informs RAC Chairs of the status of pre-filed DRAFT resolutions.
  • March 1 – All pre-filed DRAFT resolutions are announced on the CFM website & compiled for convention attendees.
  • Convention Saturday A.M. – RAC meetings re: presentations, pre-filed resolutions discussion and voting (this is also a time when any emergency resolutions may be offered by those in attendance, but if it is not truly an emergency issue/topic, it will not be considered – this is at the discretion of the committee chairperson, or the Resolutions Committee).
  • Convention Saturday P.M. – Resolutions Committee considers any emergency resolutions, and the final docket of all pre-filed resolutions that were voted to move forward out of each RAC.
  • Convention Sunday A.M. – Resolutions Committee presents resolutions docket for General Assembly vote by all CFM members.

This is an exciting time of change that moves us forward, doing better and better work for conservation – get on board and get your issues considered!

DeeCee Darrow

Resolutions Committee


Please see the following links for more information.

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Committee Membership Request FormIf you would like to serve on the Resource Advisory Committee (RAC), please submit this form to Executive Director, Brandon Butler or Director of Operations, Micaela Haymaker.

Member/Affiliate Request of Conservation Issue Review – Any member of the Federation may request consideration or review of a relevant conservation issue or topic. For pre-filed resolutions to be presented at annual convention, this form needs to be submitted to Executive Director, Brandon Butler or Director of Operations, Micaela Haymaker by December 31.

Steps for Resolution Process – Steps for the process of a Resolution to be presented at Convention.

Process and Procedures for Resolutions and Advisory Committee Actions