CFM Affiliate Board Election Process






The Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM) is seeking ONE nomination per affiliate to fill up to 12 (twelve) positions on the CFM Board of Directors (BOD). These board positions represent ALL affiliates and carry out the duties expected of a board member of a non-profit organization.


At its March 2016 meeting, the BOD voted to make changes to its composition. These changes will go into effect at the March 2018 meeting and impact how affiliates are represented. Instead of affiliates with greater than 250 members automatically receiving a seat on the BOD, up to 12 representatives will be nominated and elected by affiliates. These 12 individuals will represent ALL affiliates organizations.

A work group of affiliates worked to develop the nomination and election process, with discussion and input at the fall Affiliate Summit.

At the September Affiliate Summit, a nominating committee was formed of affiliate representatives who volunteered to serve in this capacity. The committee’s role is to solicit CFM affiliations to submit ONE nominee to run for election as a CFM board member. These elected positions will serve a two-year term concurrent with that of the president. Nominees are required to be a member of a CFM affiliate in good standing.

Nomination Process:

Each affiliate may submit one nomination. As an organization, decide how you want to choose your nominee. The nomination must be submitted from the affiliate using the attached nomination form. It is your nominee’s responsibility to read and understand the board member job description and expectations.

Submit nominations, using the attached form, no later than close of business Friday January 5, 2018 to Laurie Coleman at or mail to 728 W. Main Street, Jefferson City, MO 65101.

The nominating committee will review each nomination to ensure qualifications are met, and will provide the list of nominees to affiliates in about mid-February, one month prior to the CFM annual convention. Nominees will be voted on for CFM board positions at the annual affiliate luncheon in March, one vote per affiliate present.

Contact Laurie Coleman at (573) 634-2322 ext. 107 or with any questions.

On behalf of the Nomination Committee members: Jeff Blystone, Carol Davit, Ethan Duke, Mike Powell, and John Wenzlick.


CFM Affiliate Board Representative Nomination Form