2018 – DRAFT

Resolution Author
DRAFT-1 Raising Missouri’s Wildlife Violation Fines CLC:  Ryli Jetton and Benjamin Pederson
DRAFT-3 Affiliate Volunteerism for Youth Engagement in Nature CLC:  Ashley Hollis and Katie Wiesehan
DRAFT-4 Raise Public Awareness of Damaging Effects of Balloon Releases Dan Zekor
DRAFT-6 Support of Robust Native Grassland and Grassland-wildlife Friendly Conservation Measures in the 2018 Farm Bill Carol Davit
DRAFT-7 Coordinated Stewardship Programs Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Kevin Roberson
DRAFT-8 Support for Missouri’s Four New State Parks and The Eastern Segment of the Rock Island Trail Kevin Roberson at the request of the Missouri Parks Association and Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park
DRAFT-9 Strengthening the Missouri Department of Natural Resources Mission Statement Friends of Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, Kevin Roberson
DRAFT-11 Barbless Hooks in Trout Streams CLC: Cassandra Barker, Gabrella Elliott, Cheyenne Stratton
DRAFT-12 Restoration of Fisheries Professors at Missouri’s Universities Greg Pitchford, Tom Priesendorf, Emily Tracy-Smith, and Mark Zurbrick